Chasing Madness

So…  It’s been more moisture here recently than I guess it’s been for years.  And the Tiger Moth caterpillars were plentiful and fuzzy and I don’t know if I’ve shared my love for fuzzy caterpillars yet, but I love them.  So I ended up with…  uh


ANYWAY they’re adorable and fuzzy except they’ve all just about made cocoons now and the cocoons are significantly less pettable.

But I’ve learned a lot about my babies and I am just so excited about FUZZY MOFFS that I made a lame cut and paste from my phone videos and here it is!


You haven’t seen happiness until you’ve seen 7 rats in a box of (pet safe) packing peanuts

Sixteen pages on Robin Williams, not including the cover, and two on Ferguson. I shouldn’t have to be impressed that TIME had even that much. Especially since most of it seemed to be about white flight.























But I Don’t Waaaaaaaaaaaaant To Go To Work Today

I beat Mass Effect!

Now for number two!!!  :D

When my little sister comes home from college, she eats things.  Often without permission and in large quantities.  She also shares with her boyfriend.

And then neither of them will eat dinner but that’s a different rant.

SO my mom made a breakfast bread-like thing this morning.  It’s yummy and made of oatmeal and peanut butter and bananas and chocolate chips.  And everyone ate a piece and then we went to church.  And THEN my sister left church early (read: ten minutes into the service) to go to some football thing, and she and her boyfriend stopped by the house and ate at least four more pieces.

My mom was understandably discouraged when she got home and noted that our breakfast for the next couple days would not be lasting that long.

As it turns out, she hid the remaining bread things in the oven, so that when my sister came home again, she wouldn’t eat the rest.

Just now, my mom decided to make dinner, and preheated the oven.

I guess the faint smell of melting plastic reminded her that she’d put food in there.

And now one of her favorite casserole dish things no longer has a lid.


You’d THINK by this point

I would have figured out how

To brush my teeth

WITHOUT getting it on myself.


does one get one’s arm up into a vending machine

one doesn’t, I am pretty sure

one cannot bend one’s arm in that sort of direction


Also Winter Soldier was very good.

My weekend contained less sleeping than normal, but a LOT more best friend so I am so very pleased.

And now I am caught up on tumblr and can bed.

So apparently last night my frog found another frog.

(Also apparently they might be toads but they won’t leave the water so who knows)

And I was really hoping that since he had found a lady friend, he would shut up.

Not so.

He is probably telling his millions of new children a bedtime story.

Today I made colorful paper fish (poisson d’avril) and taped them to people’s backs.  It was fun!  I have pretty cool coworkers.

I decided, however, not to fish my boss.

Also I met the frog, and it is much cuter in daytime when it is not screaming. Unfortunately, this frog wishes to find another frog, and has decided to scream at intervals all through the night to further this endeavor.

There is some horrendous frog or something equally tone deaf in my backyard.

It is either attempting to sing the song of its people, or it is screaming.

Someone help.

I only have six more hours to sleep.

How to write a kiss